Osmosis Autopump India Pvt. Ltd. is involved in providing customized solutions for all types of water needs. The wide range of products are available like fully automatic water level control system which intelligently transfers water from underground to overhead tank/s, Rain water Harvesting,

Energy efficient pumps and Water tank cleaning. We are committed to helping mumbai residents lead more sustainable lives by providing useful information on how to reduce wastage of natural resources and minimise our environmental impact.


Osmosis Autopump India is a Private Limited Company established in 1990 with the aim to serve as a Water Engineering Solution Provider Company to solve the Water Related Problems. Its expertise encompasses giving site specific, unique and innovative solutions to problems related to scarcity, excess, collection, harvest, recycling and saving of water. The instrumentation, products and processes developed by the company are applicable for a wide range of problems faced by business houses, industries, educational institutions, hospitals, individual household, housing societies, horticulture and agriculture. The solutions helps save expenses on wasteful usage of water and electricity. The mission of the company is to help nurture green environment.

To be a World Class Company known for it’s Innovative Water Management Solutions.

Continuously enhance operational excellence & customer satisfaction through company’s team work & professional ethics and help provide adequate water for coming generations.

Team Work
Professional Ethics
Customer Satisfaction
Operational Excellence

Company History

  • To become world class company in Water & Power Management

  • 2025

    To start franchises / branches all over in India by 2025

  • 2022

    To start franchises / branches all over in Mumbai & Maharashtra by 2022

  • 2020

    To cover 10,000 Housing societies in Mumbai up to 2020
    To cover 1000 Builders / Architects /civil consultants by 2020

  • 2019

    ISO Certification by 2019
    Office Automation by 2019

  • 2018

    100 Nos. of Personnel by 2018

  • 2015

    Achieve 5000 clients in 2015

  • 2008

    Form “Osmosis Autopump India Pvt. Ltd.” in 2008

  • 2002

    Initiate Rain water harvesting systems in 2002

  • 1996

    Introduce “AUTOPUMP” (Fully Automatic Water Level Control System) in 1996

  • 1990

    In 1990, Start with a small-scale business of Electrical & Water Pump repairing jobs



Part of “Satyameva Jayate” – Water Episode

World Water Day 22nd March, 2013 Best Rain Water Harvesting Award Facilitated by Ex. Mayor Mr. Sunil Prabhu at Mayor’s Office & Part of Book – “Why there is Drought of Rain water harvesting in Mumbai” by DRF Mr. Rishi Agarwal

5000+ Clients

Selected in Top 5 Rain Water Harvesting Vendors in India by Business Wire Firm

Working with underground Mumbai Metro project

Rain Water Harvesting Big Project Completed 250+
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