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Water treatment is a method/ process to make the water useable.

There are three broad kinds of treatments like removing suspended solids, removing hardness & bacterial contaminations and finally removing odor and color.

Water treatment is an intermediate step in the whole set up of Rainwater Harvesting Systems. The rainwater collected for injecting into the ground needs to be treated to some acceptable level so that we don’t pollute the subsoil water storage. Technically we can treat the water to any extent from any level of impurities but the decision to treat some acceptable level entirely depends upon what is the end use and cost of treating.

As far as the Rainwater Harvesting issue is concerned, the water when it is collected from the surface run-offs from paved or unpaved grounds and also from the roofs and terraces, it attracts lot of impurities on its way. The initial filtration, charcoal and activated carbon contact and removing of objectionable organic pollutants to some extent is just sufficient for our purposes. We definitely don’t look for treated water to be used in kitchen and drinking purpose. Our water treatment procedures do take care of all these points and include for procedures which give water safe for flushing and gardening. This help reduces the demand of potable water and indirectly helps the ecology and economy.

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