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A Ring Well is a small sump like structure made with RCC pre-cast small height rings, which help collect the water.

The RCC pre-cast small height rings are placed on each other. It can be a multi layered Ring well system using sequence of RCC rings starting from bigger diameter like 8’ and then placing smaller rings inside, creating annular spaces in between. The annular space between each two consecutive rings is filled up with filter. This allows the raw collected rainwater through various filters step by step and finally help in removing all in-organic impurities from rainwater directed through the filters.

This system gives a clean water at the end of its process. Such clean water doesn’t clog the aquifers and further flow and allows easy injection of water into subsoil directly or through borewell. The Ring well is finally provided with Activated Carbon filter & V-wire screening SS filter to finally purify the rainwater

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