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Borewell is nothing but a small drill made in the earth to required depth, using rotary/ high pressures percussive machines.

The diameter of borewell varies from 4” to 8” and above. Normally 4” to 6” drill is quite sufficient for our purpose. The location of borewell to define is very crucial step.

After we have investigated the presence of reliable source of subsoil waters, we make a drill using rotary/ high pressures percussive machines, which cuts/breaks through rock layers as well as soil layers. It is done under constant supervision recording various characteristics of soils, presence of water, its odor at various depths and a studied conclusion is taken to stop the drilling at certain depth, say, 200’-400’, etc.After drilling casing pipe is driven through the bore to protect it from collapse of its side and at some interval, perforated pipe casing is put so that it allows the entry of good and acceptable water flow in to the bore well. Once the rock is noticed, we stop using the casing pipe, as there is no danger of falling of sides of borewell. We definitely discourage to have only Borewell to fetch water from the subsoil aquifer, which at present are full of water. Because such Borewells, though looks very good for the time being, go dry in subsequent seasons and can create a permanent disconnection with the distant aquifer and the society at large is driven to the famine and dry future.

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