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“Autopump” – A Customized Solution for Various Water Needs

Osmosis India is one of the fastest growing group of people in water management with our special product named as “Autopump” to work as Fully Automatic Water Level Control System for Water pumps. It’ is a well-known brand in the industry of automation in the market. We have a range of highly reliable and quality software & hardware products under Autopump to suit & serve every need.

We endeavour to integrate advanced technology and quality components to bring international standards in our products. It ensures hassle-free

performance of the pump right from its installation. We have pre-designed various kinds of Autopump models with high electronic precision and they are tested on various fail-safe parameters to ensure reliability.

Functions of Autopump system:

It is a fully automatic water level control system which intelligently transfers signals of water levels from underground & overhead tank and thereby monitors & controls water levels in the tanks. It starts the pump when the overhead tank reaches Demand level and the water level in underground is at sufficient level. It stops the pump when the water level in the overhead tank reaches Full level or when the water level in the underground tank reaches Empty level. This logic also protects pumps from dry-runs, single phasing, phase imbalance, etc.

Key High lights of the Autopump Control Panels

Some of the key highlights of the Autopump control panels:

  • It is Certified by National Test House
  • Gives Optimum performance
  • Reliable & Durable
  • Maintenance free
  • Flawless finish
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to understand
  • Does not require any person to operate
  • Works around the clock
  • Easy to install & maintain.

Available in 6 models:

  • Domestic: For row houses, cottages etc
  • Economy: For Bungalows and small buildings etc
  • Society: For housing societies, hotels, industries etc.
  • Society-Advance: For big housing societies, hotels, industries, Commercial complex etc.
  • Society-Advance WCP: For housing societies, hotels, industries, Commercial complex etc.
  • Society Digi Master: For housing societies, hotels, industries, Commercial complex etc.


Sr./No. Features Models
Domestic Economy Society Soc-Adv Soc-Adv WCP Soc-Digi Master
1 One/Two Tank Control
2 Multi Tank Control
3 Full Function Display
4 Dry Run Protection
5 Single Phasing Protection
6 Phase Imbalance Protection
7 Fault Alarm
8 Start Delay
9 Auto / Manual Changeover
10 Pump 1 / Pump 2 Changeover
11 Force Start
12 Programmable Timer
13 Advanced O/L & U/L protection for Pumps
14 Dual U/L & O/L setting for each Pump
15 O/L & U/L current
16 Dry Run display
17 Dual Trigger Inputs for two pumps
18 Digital settings in system.
19 Real Time Clock which is displayed on LCD
20 08 Expander connected to control more O/H tanks
21 Four Level LED Indicator for each Tank
22 Dual Pump with Automatic pump Change Over
23 All data can be seen on Personal Computer(pc)
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